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Puerto Rican Culture & Arts Center


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           To collect and preserve art, artifacts and the history of the U.S. Hispanic Americans for posterity;

           To teach and promote performances, art, culture, painting, sculpture, music, dance, and educational seminars and exhibitions;


           To enhance the Hispanic American’s sense of identity, self esteem and self knowledge by bringing art and artists into their communities and by introducing the youth to their artistic heritage;


           To provide a training ground for the growing number of artists, children, educators, historians, and professionals interested in Hispanic American Art;


           To convert young Hispanic Americans into the next generation of museum goers, artists, musicians and stakeholders in institutions created for them;


           To provide an environment where the city residents can strengthen and celebrate their diversity;


           To offer Hispanic American artists greater access to and institutional support in the national and international art world;


           To provide an opportunity for everyone to have access to a place were people can learn about the history of Hispanic heritage and culture.



          To aggressively apply the use of computers and technology to every aspect of its operation, as well as its entire curriculum to compliment all cultural studies.

Our mission reaffirms and honors the vision of many city citizens, our board a community of Hispanic American educators, artists and professional activists who have founded the Puerto Rican Culture & Arts Center Board to oversee this major project. This Board has defined the P.R.C.A.C. as a much needed educational institution and a place of cultural pride and self discovery for the Puerto Rican and other Hispanic communities of the city. The Board has worked very hard in putting together a campaign that called for major local art institutions to decentralize their collections and to represent a variety of Latin European cultures in their collections and programs. In a city where the Hispanic population is comprised of 50 percent of the population and the fastest growing population in the state of New Jersey, a P.R.C.A.C. brings much pride and attractions to a growing interest in Hispanic American art and its people’s cultural traditions.


           This Puerto Rican Culture & Arts Center is the first in the tri-state area, making it an educational cultural “Mecca” place for all residents of South Jersey.