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Puerto Rican Culture & Arts Center

"Aires De Borinquen"

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Hispanic Institue Competition
Aires De Borinquen
SJB Parade
Three Kings
Diversity Day
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Aires De Borinquen Performance
Diversity Day 2005

"Aires De Borinquen"
Jose A. Catala,  Director & Lead Drummer
Singers & Dancers
Ivette Cruz * Yanira Hernandez
Maria Vazquez-Singh * Wanda Velazquez 
Adriana Hernandez, Maria De Jesus & Jonathan Gonzalez- Principal Dancers
Miguel Hernandez, Drums  *  Jeremy Cohen, Drums
William Negron, Cuatro & Guitara
We are a Puerto Rican Folkloric Group that is dedicated in providing Musical/Dance Performances
of Bomba and Plena.
If you would like to book us for a wonderful show
please just click this address to send